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Where to Look for the Newest Employment Statistics in America

A Small Business Administration, or SBA, is a federal agency designed to assist small businesses. The Small Business Administration was created by a Congressional act in 1953. Congress wanted to help small businesses grow and prosper so that they gave money to agencies that would help these new businesses get off the ground. The Small Business Administration assists in the development and research of new small business ideas and helps entrepreneurs find the correct investors to help them start their business. The SBA also administers loans for all these companies.

SBA Provides Educational Information: The SBA provides entrepreneurs with information regarding government programs, government-supported smallish businesses, and small business financial aid. They also provide entrepreneurs with advice on getting a loan from the SBA and how to find a lender. The SBA also provides advice on what licenses are expected to open a new organization. Finally, they can help entrepreneurs understand and comply with all their reporting requirements.

The SBA Offers Appraisal and Licensing Services: The SBA not only provides information and education, but they also offer services to assist entrepreneurs. They offer assessments for prospective smaller businesses as well as licensing exams and background checks for potential employees. The use of this services mixed with online tools like make the processes of small companies more efficient and easy. If a small business is thinking about opening an account, the SBA offers financing options depending on the operator’s credit history. For investors, the SBA provides information on investment in small businesses employing thousands of people.

Industry Publications: The SBA publishes several trade publications to help small businesses understand the changes within the industry. These publications include SBA News, Inc., SBA Family of Companies, and SBA Digest. All of these can be found in PDF format and can be printed. They also include free links to industry websites and SBA trade groups. Another feature is the fact that many of these books are available on the internet. Moreover, the SBA has published many articles and books that address many issues regarding small business employment.

Trade Associations & International Exhibitions: The SBA sponsors several trade associations and international conventions and exhibits, many of which are geared toward small businesses. The International Business Times publishes an International Business Report every month, which gives you a synopsis of the most recent industry developments. The US Small Business Administration publishes an employment quotes web site and conducts a quarterly labour force survey. The latter can be accessed online. A list of links are available in the Employment Department’s website.

Counsels and Advisors: Among the SBA’s specialties is working with legislative authorities, including members of Congress and key committee staff. At the urging of one of my customers, the parliamentary library sent me to a congressional representative’s office to see some SBA information related to employment. Because of this, I met with numerous staff members. While much of the consultation was based on my inquiry, lots of the answers reflected the SBA’s desire to see more small business employment. In one meeting, a staff member told me that the SBA wanted to create”economic” arguments in support of measures to boost small business employment.